January is the time for renewed or new starts. Do you need to have a resolution or a promise to yourself that you are going to change or keep doing something healthy for yourself?

Accountability is needed by most of us. Whether it is our workouts, nutrition or other areas of our life, accountability or someone you partner with to give you the added resilience needed to reach a goal is essential.

This is a great time to engage in the new goals you have in your head for another great year. Movement is a goal we should all have. We are sitting more behind the steering wheel of our cars, behind our desks or on our couches watching television or reading.

Movement is different from a scheduled exercise. Standing is a different movement from sitting and burns more calories. That is why standing desks or desks over treadmills have become popular. That simple change is better for our posture, strength and endurance.

It is simple changes we can all do for a better start to this year, a year of better health. Simply decide and make small changes to reach the larger goal you have set.

If your goal is to walk a mile, the incremental steps can be as simple as putting on your shoes and being prepared to go for a walk, walking down the driveway, walking down the street, walking around the block and so on.

Break down your healthy movement goal and before you know it you will reach that goal and be able to set another one — a bigger one!

Remember you are starting where you are, not where your partner is. So make the steps incremental from your starting point and move!

I like to measure my steps to my goals. If that is you, consider getting wearable technology to measure your heart rate, your steps or all of the other things they can do! If you don’t measure it, it’s harder to know when you are doing better or doing more.

So get up and move! And start where you are!

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