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Fitness Coach

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About Cathy

As a Multi-Certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, I understand the difficulty many people face with wanting to feel younger, more robust, and healthier over 40. I know because I have also met my own struggles with fitness/health/and aging with vitality. I’m a firm believer in making the calories count. The definition of weight control takes on a different meaning when you look at your food as nurturing your body and giving it what it needs to flourish and thrive over forty. You must also understand that diet can enhance your wellness path, and as your fitness coach, I support you along that journey. I recognize the importance of helping you be accountable, shift your mindset, and create new habits. With a proper frame of mind, the workout program I create for you motivates you daily to achieve your goals of a happier, sexier, more vibrant you!

I help you bring your best every day and reestablish homeostasis in mind and body through accountability and a simple fitness program designed with you in mind.

My specialty is in helping those over forty to regain a healthy lifestyle. Whether your passion is wanting to be more active, hiking, playing with your grandkids, or playing Pickle Ball, I encourage my clients to be more than their birth date dictates, and I assist them with goal setting and putting in a proper plan to live a vital life after retirement.

Aging does not have to be a daily struggle! As the years progress, you can maintain an active, vibrant lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. I’m committed to helping you walk through your fitness path from start to finish, and together we will accomplish your health goals.

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Client Experience

Lee Clements
Lee Clements
Working with Cathy has been so much fun and I have really improved my overall health since I started working with her!
Re Re Schanz
Re Re Schanz
Outstanding and inspirational coach and fitness expert! I'm so happy to have connected with Cathy and find her approach and guidance to fitness for me (over 50!) top notch and the best in the field. Highly recommend her and her program for anyone wishing to get and remain fit and live their best life!
Amanda Blair
Amanda Blair
Excellent instruction! Cathy is the best! 5 stars all the way!
Karen Duffield
Karen Duffield
I really enjoyed my training with Cathy. She is very personable and knowledgeable. She mixed up the routines so it was never boring. She pushed but not too much. I gained information on a healthier lifestyle.
Kind Defined
Kind Defined
Cathy goes out of her way to help you reach your goals!
Joanie Grant
Joanie Grant
Cathy is an amazing trainer!!! Her knowledge of which exercise would work for the results I wanted was spot on. I loved how she customized each workout for the areas I was struggling on my own with. Plus, she made it fun & challenging. If she hadn’t moved, I’d still be training with her! Trust me, she is the BEST!!!

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